The new smartLAB walk app exclusively for our step counters

So far, it was only possible to send the steps to our hLine app, which has the main goal of displaying from all areas, such as blood sugar, blood pressure and exercise. Many customers have asked for an easier option when it comes to mainly using our pedometers. We have therefore developed this minimalist app for Android and iOS in order to meet these requirements for smartLAB walk and move and to give users of our pedometers an even better user experience. You can find the app at You can find more information about the app for Android and iOS below:

The smartLAB walk app for a simple and clear connection with the step counters walk and
move from smartLAB or for step measurement with the mobile phone.
Basically, the app records steps, either from the smartLAB Walk or smartLAB move
Pedometer via Bluetooth or with the smartphone itself.
In the app you can then look at the daily steps and compare them to the daily goal.

With additional inputs such as weight, stride length and height, the app can use the
Steps calculate the calories burned and the distance covered.
An individual daily goal for steps can be entered, alternatively there is a dynamic goal
to choose from, which calculates a suitable goal again and again from your daily average.
In addition, the app can be connected to Google Fit to only display the measured steps
to pass on. The smartLAB step counters can be used very easily with Google Fit / Apple Health.

Main Features:

– Measures steps from smartLAB pedometer (move / walk) or from smartphone
– Shows steps by day in relation to the daily goal
– Displays past daily, weekly, monthly and yearly increments
– Calculates calorie consumption and distance run with additional data
– Can connect to Google Fit / Apple Health

In any case, only the step count is sent to Google Fit / Apple Health, all other information that you provide
are only saved locally. On Android, the app initially asks for permission for
Location sharing, but the app does not save any locations. This permission is only used on Android
Bluetooth connection to the step counter from smartLAB required.


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