Blood Glucose System

Different blood glucose meters to suit your needs

The perfect blood glucose monitoring system for everyone – in addition to a very high measurement accuracy as well as an attractive design, the blood glucose meters of the smartLAB® family offer you suitable products that are adapted to your individual needs and therapeutic requirements. The smartLAB blood glucose systems consist of 2 systems: smartLAB pro: Ideal for self-pay patients, as there are low follow-up costs smartLAB nG: Particularly suitable for diabetics who receive their test strips on prescription.

smartLAB pro Serie

Blood glucose meters ideal for self-pay patients with low follow-up costs.

The smartLAB® pro blood glucose systems represent a generation of meters and strips that have proven themselves over the years. Easy handling as well as accurate measurement results reflect only a small part of the many advantages of the smartLAB® pro blood glucose monitoring systems.

Perfectly suited for self-pay patients, HMM offers the smartLAB® pro family at affordable prices – for ideal self-monitoring at home and on the go.

The smartLAB® pro family includes, among others, the smartLAB®genie – the all-rounder for the demanding – blood glucose monitoring system.

smartLAB nG Serie

Ideal blood glucose meters for diabetics


smartLAB nG systems meet the latest ISO 15197 standard The smartLAB nG blood glucose systems with smartLAB nG test strips are the “new generation” that meet the latest standards for blood glucose meters. In addition to accurate measurement results and easy operation, some measurement systems are suitable for wireless data communication via Bluetooth and ANT +. These smartLAB® devices are equipped with the standard protocols of the respective transmission technology and can work with any receiver that meets these standards. The smartLAB® nG family consists of three blood glucose meters – the smartLAB® mini nG, the smartLAB® sprint nG and the smartLAB global W nG. These measurement systems use the smartLAB® nG test strips.


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