New kitchen scales with Bluetooth® from smartLAB

Heidelberg-Dossenheim, February 24, 2017 | smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scales with integrated Bluetooth® interface – new at HMM

Now also smart in the kitchen. With the new smartLAB kitchen W, food can be weighed and its nutritional values ​​calculated using a food code list. With the appropriate app, the weight is transmitted to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® and can be processed there.

The smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scales are used to determine the weight of food and are mainly used in the kitchen. The user can choose between the units g and lb: oz. The maximum load on the scale is 5000g. The surface of the smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scales is made of glass, which ensures quick and easy cleaning. The kitchen scales have an integrated Bluetooth module, which is used to transfer the values ​​to a smartphone or tablet with a suitable app.

With the hLine app, the values ​​of the smartLAB kitchen W can be displayed and saved locally on the smartphone. A food database is integrated into this app, which consists of a total of 999 foods. This is to be expanded in the future.

In addition to saving the values ​​in connection with a selected food, the user can enter his own profile data and keep an overview of his food intake. The nutritional values ​​of the weighed food are calculated and displayed based on its weight. In addition, these values ​​can be saved in the user’s diary, giving an overview of food intake. If certain foods cannot be found in the stored grocery list, they can be entered and saved manually. The daily calorie intake can be seen immediately by means of a display bar in every window of the app.

With the smartLAB kitchen W, in connection with the hLine app, the nutritional values ​​of the food can be calculated, the calorie intake displayed and thus an overview of your own diet can be kept.

“With the smartLAB kitchen W, we are adding kitchen scales to our range that meet the modern demands of today’s society. Not only the precise and fast weighing function of the scale speak in favor of expanding our smartLAB family. The integrated Bluetooth® interface enables the kitchen scale to be connected to a smartphone or tablet, ”comments Maher Khoury, CEO of HMM Diagnostics GmbH. “With this integrated data transfer, the smartLAB kitchen W can be used ideally for your own nutrition plan. The matching hLine app in combination with the kitchen scales serve as a good basis for a controlled diet. ”

Mr. Khoury is enthusiastic about the kitchen scales and the app that goes with it and is pleased about the range expansion. “The hLine app has access to the food database that was already used in the tried and tested smartLAB diet kitchen scales. A total of 999 groceries are available to the customer. And if the user cannot find a food, he can enter it manually in the app. With the MyDay diary and the direct display of the daily calorie intake, nutrition-conscious people can get an overview of their food intake. ”

The smartLAB kitchen W kitchen scales will be available in the hShop from February 24th, 2017. The hLine app will be available for iOS and Android from February 24th, 2017.

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