Heart Rate Monitors

Various heart rate monitors for your fitness plan

In our fitness section, you will find products such as heart rate monitors that will help you implement your individual fitness plan. Most of these products have built-in data transfer technology, including Bluetooth, which allows you to view the measured data on your mobile device. In addition, you can connect our smartLAB products to other sports equipment, provided that the connection is supported by the respective device. Use the smartLAB fitness articles as an additional motivator and keep track of your athletic improvements.

Why use heart rate monitors for fitness at all?

Regardless of whether strength or endurance is to be built up: It only works if the body has to process stimuli on a regular basis. Because every time a deficit is felt in the movement, the body tries to adapt and compensate for it. The adaptation can take place through expansion of the muscles (hypertrophy) or through an increase in oxygen capacity. Training therefore always has something to do with supercompensation. Beginners and novices in particular still feel the progress very quickly. But those who have been training for a long time will notice stagnation at some point. At some point, overtraining naturally occurs and, as a consequence, even a drop in performance.
To prevent this, most of the training is done in a low intensity range. Units with 20 percent hard training and 80 percent basic training are recommended. Base training always means keeping the heart rate low. And this is where the heart rate monitor on the chest strap comes into play. So when you’re jogging, the heart rate monitor is there to monitor you so that the workout isn’t too hard. However, such a heart rate monitor with Bluetooth can of course also be used for interval and tempo training to achieve the necessary high pulse ranges.

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