ANT USB Adapter

We have already received some requests regarding the hLine ANT USB adapter. The adapter is similar in design to the Garmin ANT+ USB Stick. It is a USB 2.0 stick that supports the ANT+ protocol. This USB can be connected for PC as well as for Mac. Another name for this would be ANT2 or ANT USB2.

Please do not confuse it with the ANT1 USB Stick (this is the longer adapter). The ANT USB2 Adapter is a Nano Stick.

This adapter can also be used via an OTG Micro-B cable with an Android phone. Thus, an Android phone can also be equipped with an ANT interface. This requires two different apps for the phone. On the one hand the ANT Radio Service, on the other hand the ANT USB Service. After installation, the adapter can be used.

A PC running Windows 7 and later does not require a driver. Windows automatically detects the adapter. However, XP requires a driver to be installed. This driver can be downloaded here.

Garmin uses ANT technology for many of its products. This stick works with any Garmin product that supports ANT transmission.